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Throughout the series, Conan interacts and befriends many characters from various groups: the Tokyo Metropolitan Police , the local police in Conan's prefecture ; The Junior Detective League , a group of children who solves mysteries for their clients and the FBI , he also befriends a few individuals who know of his true identity: Dr. Agasa , who provides Jimmy with various spy gadgets; Harley Hartwell , a high school detective from Osaka and Anita Hailey , the original developer of the poison who had also transformed into a child.

The manga became licensed by Viz Media while the anime adaptation was licensed by Funimation ; the two companies have Americanized many of the character names with both companies using different names or spellings for the same characters on several occasions. Other English editions such as the ones published in Singapore by Shogakukan Asia romanize the Japanese names. However, due to a rare side-effect, he shrinks to the form of a young child. She loves Jimmy but is afraid to admit her feelings, and denies their relationship is romantic whenever the conversation is brought up, she often worries for his safety and waits for his return.

As captain of the karate team and a regional champion, she is able to fend for herself physically against attackers, but is still squeamish when it comes to films and shows in the horror genre. She is very kind and helps anyone in need, even if that person is a potential criminal.

In one instance, her kindness to Vermouth prompts the latter to keep Jimmy's identity a secret from the Black Organization. Like Jimmy, she dislikes the idea of killing anyone, including criminals, as she believes criminals should face punishment through the justice system; the Junior Detective League views her as a role model and the kids often turns to her for advice.

She is skilled in house chores, including sewing, knitting, and cooking, and has very good fortune in games of chance, hardly ever losing in games such as mahjong, she spends most of her home life looking after Conan and her father, and hopes that her father and mother can reconcile their separation. Throughout the series, there are times she has suspected Conan Edogawa to be Jimmy, but Jimmy fools her so that she second guesses herself. Bruce Elliott. Agasa often chaperones the kids and assists them when a case needs to be solved.

As a symbol of the group, each member has a badge used as a walkie-talkie and a tracer. Film: Countdown She is a naive and innocent little girl who shows courage from time to time and acts as the team's cheerful spirit.

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Amy and Anita later become good friends, referring to each other on a first name basis and adding "-chan" in the Japanese version. He loves food and can eat more than all the other Junior Detective League members combined. Even though he can be intimidating, he is actually very kind, he is a friend of Amy Yoshida and Mitch Tsuburaya, and has been shown to admire his father, who owns a liquor store. Both her parents and sister, Akemi Miyano, also worked for the organization. When she was 18, she escaped the organization and went into hiding.

Warshawski ; [ ch. She shows affection towards Jimmy, but she denies having such feelings. She has strawberry blonde hair. He is one of the few characters in the story who knows of Kudo's predicament and helps hide his identity as Conan Edogawa, inventing devices such as the voice-impersonating bowtie, tracking glasses and badges, and enhanced shoes and hoverboards, and an instant soccer ball so Conan can fend for himself, he often watches over the Junior Detective League and takes them on trips in his old VW Beetle.

He has worked with Jimmy Kudo, Jimmy's father Booker, and was even the boss of Richard Moore prior to the latter becoming a private detective. He is named after the fictional detective cop Jules Maigret. When Richard is unavailable, she is usually the person Conan knocks out and impersonates to solve cases instead, to which she sometimes thinks she too is a brilliant detective. His intelligence is at par with that of Jimmy, which often leads to intense rivalry between them.

Harley and Kazuha's fathers are close friends, her relationship with Harley closely mirrors Rachel Moore's with Jimmy Kudo; she is too shy to admit that they feel more than friendship for their respective partner. She and Harley share a pouch with a broken handcuff link which is their good luck charm. The Organization has been known for its involvement in several felonies which range from blackmail to assassinations. The identity of the leader of the Black Organization had been a mystery for most of the series as only text messages have been sent.

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However, in chapter his identity was revealed to be Renya Karasuma, he already had a brief cameo appearance in volume 30 of the manga. He is usually seen alongside Gin. He directs the Black Organization's activities and plans crimes to protect the Organization and advance its interests, he communicates to subordinates by text messages.

Not much is known about Renya Karasuma, only that he is 99 years old and is said to have already died 40 years prior the start of the story but the circumstances of his death are described as 'quite mysterious' and no details about his cause of death are known. She is Shiho Miyano 's elder sister and also Shuichi Akai's lover. He was also close friends with Shiho's parents, although this does not shake his resolve to kill her. Gin kills him on orders from the boss for breaking the Organization's code of secrecy after being photographed as he committed a murder.

He was pretending to be a patient with cervical spine sprain in order to move around the hospital without suspicion. Despite being a ruthless murderer, he calls fireflies his childhood friends and has a fondness of children, as seen when he carries a lost Mitsuhiko to safety who was attempting to collect fireflies of his own to impress Haibara and Ayumi, he surrenders to authorities without resistance and is currently awaiting execution for his past murders. However, she gradually develops feelings for him as well.


He has feelings for his fellow officer Miwako Sato, [ ch. He is a member of the 1st Investigation Division, he has unrequited feelings towards Miwako Sato, and often tries to interfere in Sato and Takagi's dates [ ch. She is friends with Miwako Sato and tries to push both Sato and colleague Wataru Takagi towards each other in a relationship. She is Chiba's childhood friend and love interest. Ch, she is voiced by Rie Tanaka.

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Richard Moore, who was his subordinate at some point, nicknamed him "fiery old fossil", his Japanese voice actor is Natsuo Tokuhiro. He is sometimes very supportive of his son's desire to be a detective. Heizo has sometimes lent his son a hand in solving a tough case. Though he has a hard exterior, he is very caring for his son, family, and friends.

He is close friends with Harley's father. Otaki is the head inspector of the Osaka district, and good friends with Heizo Hattori and Ginshiro Toyama. Otaki is also close friends with Heizo's son, Heiji, whom often calls Otaki when he needs to find information for an important case. Sometimes, Otaki even assists Heiji, and has a few times before lent a big helping hand in helping Heiji and Conan solve cases, his Japanese voice actor Norio Wakamoto while his English voice actor is Bill Jenkins.

He is a serious officer who is overly assertive when interrogating suspects, he has a pair of criss-crossed scars over his blinded left eye and a permanently injured left leg due to an avalanche accident which he sustained from chasing a criminal. He and Yamato have been rivals since they met at elementary school, he graduated top honors from the university and had joined the force without having to be a ranked officer first.

Morofushi cherishes the book, keeping it in the glove compartment of his car, as the author was a friend of his who died, he was originally a high ranking inspector in Nagano, until he abandoned his job briefly to try to find Kansuke when he was left for dead in the snow during a case. After Morofushi found the suspect and helped save Kansuke, he was demoted to an inspector of the local precinct. He is rather impulsive and prefers to work alone. Since Conan has tranquilized him to reveal murderers so often, Yamamura was promoted to police inspector. However, they do stay in touch and have even assisted each other in various and even locally unrelated cases, his Japanese voice actor is Akio Otsuka.

The fictional Federal Bureau of Investigation in the series consists of many agents led by James Black. He first appears in volume 32 as an old guy with glasses and a moustache. A few years ago, Rei found Shuichi standing over Scotch's dead body holding a smoking gun and he believes that Scotch was killed by him who was also infiltrating the Black Organization on behalf of the FBI at the same time.

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  4. Rei feigns interest in being Richard's apprentice in order to gather information on Shiho Miyano. After Shiho fakes her death, he begins to suspect Conan of being the one behind Richard's deductions. Due to a past incident, he despises Shuichi Akai and later discovers that he is still alive, he planned to turn Shuichi over to the Black Organization to gain the Organization's trust and get closer to the heart of the Organization.

    However, Conan managed to outsmart his plan with the help of Shuichi, he is often seen working with Vermouth, but is unclear how much the two trust or know about each other. Because of her reputation as the wife of a famous mystery author and for involving herself in some criminal cases which she occasionally helps to solve, she has been given the nickname, "The Night Baroness" after the main character that her husband created for his mystery novels. Ever since the Kaito Kid stole his place on the paper's front page, he had been obsessed with catching Kid in order to raise his fame.

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    Even when Kaito Kid's theft is foiled, Conan usually ends up taking up the news spotlight. Eisuke, after learning of his father and sister's career as CIA agents, turns down witness protection from the FBI, but then plans to go to America to pursue a career as a CIA agent, he tells Conan that he is going to confess his love to Rachel because of her kindness, but gives up when he sees Conan's reaction, and then reveals that he has known all along that Conan is Jimmy, having observed Richard's deductive style changing since Jimmy's disappearance and Conan's appearance.

    She has two older brothers, Shuichi Akai and Shukichi Haneda. Despite her appearance, she is actually a middle-aged woman and the mother of Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Haneda and Masumi Sera. She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka. The name changes done by Funimation Entertainment and Viz Media were highly criticized. Carlo Santos of Anime News Network criticized how they attempted to Americanize the main characters' names yet the secondary characters were able to keep their Japanese names.

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    Chavez of Mania. Due to the popularity of the series, the characters from the series were used in a pamphlet to introduce the 34th G8 summit and were used to promote general crime fighting; [61] [62] the characters were also featured on commemorative stamps. Aoyoma, Gosho.

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    As of , his various manga series have a combined million copies in print worldwide. Aoyama was talented in drawing at an early age. Shortly after that, another work by Aoyama, Magic Kaito , was published on the same magazine. In the early s, he began the series Yaiba, he would release other manga series in single volumes, such as Third Baseman No.

    Aoyama has won two awards for his work as a manga artist. Additionally, his hometown Hokuei has undertaken several machi okoshi projects in honor of his contribution as a manga artist and resident of the town; the first projects were the Conan Bridge across the Yura River and Detective Conan statues in the town. On March 18, , the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, a museum that celebrates Aoyama's career as a manga artist, was opened in the same town. On December 10, , the two divorced. Wait a Minute The story of a boy genius named Yutaka Takai, whose time machine jetpack sends his love interest through time for two years.

    Magic Kaito A five-volume manga series that tells the adventures of Kaito Kid , a mysterious gentleman thief who uses his skills as illusionist and master of disguise to commit robberies.

    Case Closed, Vol. What Little Girls Are Made Of - Gosho Aoyama - Google книги

    The first two volumes of the manga series were released in , the third in , the fourth in , the fifth in Although the series is on hiatus, Kaito Kid still appears in Detective Conan. Yaiba A volume manga series about the adventures of a young samurai named Yaiba Kurogane, it was adapted into a episode anime series which aired between and One day, he buys a magical bat from a sporting goods store. However, he has to pay the mysterious store for each pitch.

    While trying to track down these men, he encounters complicated mysteries, most of which only he can solve. This series is Aoyama's most well-known creation, has been collected in 96 volumes as of April 10, Tell Me a Lie A one-shot about a girl named Terumi Arai, who can read people's minds when she looks them in the eyes.

    Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory. After studying in several countries and dropping out of law school, he settled in Paris and began to write fiction, both short crime stories and longer novels; the latter influenced by writers like Gustave Flaubert and Guy de Maupassant , were critically admired but had little commercial success. Created at editorial request under the influence of and in reaction to the wildly successful Sherlock Holmes stories, the roguish and glamorous Lupin was a surprise success and Leblanc's fame and fortune beckoned.