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  3. Rotten fruit: why it's time to give up on the Razzies
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Apollo, Popi, and their bundle of joy seem like they will be good together, and I hope that they do. I love a happy ending. I am giving it a five-star rating and recommending it to all romance readers out there.

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Roberto, looking caught off guard, stopped dancing. The man took Popi in his quite capable arms, but there was no escaping their closeness with her protruding abdomen. No one had long enough arms to allow for much room between them—not even this man. While this is on the sweet side, the romantic build up is well done. The chemistry is palpable and emotional. Peaceful Pastime — Review.

I absolutely loved this sweet story and look forward to reading the next book in the series to find out who will be the next bride on the Greek Island. And he was surprised to find he enjoyed holding Popi close. Realizing he was enjoying it too much, Apollo guided them off to a quiet corner of the dance floor.

His intent was to have a serious conversation with her, but this close contact was detrimental to his thought process. He drew in a deep breath, but it did nothing to cool his heated blood. There was something about this woman that got past his practiced defenses. And right now, talking was the last thing on his mind. Jorie Loves A Story — Review. Sometimes life is like that though — you find yourself caught up in the tides of fate and despite your best intentions, things really do work out the way they were always meant to even if the timing of it all is not your own choosing.

Hallie Reads — Review. I loved seeing the drama between Popi and Apollo in these unique circumstances, proving perfect for any reader in need of a quick contemporary romance. Kissing her had been a mistake. There was too much at stake. Now I want answers. Who are you? Are you famous? Both were determined to care for the baby.

Rotten fruit: why it's time to give up on the Razzies

I loved how Apollo took to Fatherhood. All marriages that take place on renowned wedding destination Infinity Island are guaranteed to last forever! And the picturesque Greek island is about to weave its magic for friends Lea, Popi and Stasia. In this Greek Island Brides story, for jaded tycoon Xander Marinakos, renowned wedding destination Infinity Island is just another opportunity to expand his empire. In this Greek Island Brides story, widow Stasia Marinakos is learning to enjoy life again aboard a Mediterranean cruise. Nevertheless, the guarded bachelor asks Stasia to continue the charade to stop his family from matchmaking.

Stolen Child

As their attraction grows, their fake romance feels ever more real…but what will happen when the vacation ends? Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages.

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NPLH is also filled with quotations, moonlight kisses, a sarcastic cousin, gingerbread houses, hiking, ziplines, and new beginnings. There is never a good way to find out your father is going to prison. Some are worse than others, though. For example, learning that your father has committed tax evasion via a social media post is on the top five worst ways list. But I would. I swallowed the lump in the back of my throat and shut my laptop harder than I meant to.

Rotten fruit: why it's time to give up on the Razzies

There was no way. My dad going to jail? I scoffed aloud. No chance. It was a misprint. Had to be. There was no way my parents would keep something like Dad committing white collar crime a secret from me. Was there? I felt around in my backpack for my phone. The Reading Corner for All — Review. No Place Like Here also held the timeless elements of friendship, the dynamics of family, and finding the courage to make your voice heard that will make for the perfect summer read!

Wishful Endings — Review. It was interesting seeing how the classic Hansel and Gretel fairy tale was twisted into this contemporary story. The author made it her own and created a story easy to relate to, handling some difficult subjects, and creating a likable protagonist and some fun side characters. Recommended to contemporaneity YA fans, especially those who like their stories light on the romance. It practically slipped from my sweaty palm. It rang once. Three times. I was about to slam the phone down on my bed when my dad answered.

How are you? Getting ready for exams, I hope. Was it fear or relief? Regardless, here he was, still managing to tell me what he thought I should be doing. I gritted my teeth. You know me. But that was neither here nor there.

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Singing Librarian Books — Review. Teens and adults alike will be drawn to this tender and emotional story. This is one of those stories that gives readers all the feels. Readers will absolutely not want to put down this novel.

Protecting Her Own Mills Boon Love Inspired Guardians Inc Book 2 -

Bookish Looks — Excerpt. I pursed my lips.

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Clapping back at him never went over well. My father exhaled into the receiver. This is a very difficult time for me right now. It is certainly not the time to be disrespectful. You were not raised to act this way. My chest tightened the way it always did when he criticized me. I wanted to tell my dad it was a very difficult time for all of us right now.

Because of him. I wanted to tell him I was angry something catastrophic was happening to our family. I wanted to tell him I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I wanted to tell him that despite my anger, I was scared. Because of him, and for him as well. But I said none of those things. Remembrancy — Review. Using touches from Hansel and Gretel, Christina June gives readers another engaging book with a young heroine whose journey to obtain her deepest with, to go home again, finds her strength and individualism.