Guide Get Catering and Grow Sales! A Strategic Perspective for the Multi-Unit Restaurant Executive

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Blog post. Hi Everyone! Everybody is talking about Off Premise! Our mission at the MonkeyGroup is to help restaurant operators grow sales and increase profits by educating them to become experts at feeding their customers where they live, work and play. Take control of your direct on demand sales channels and invest in teaching your people to sell directly to your customers. August 23rd in […].

Online ordering is disrupting the restaurant industry across the globe. We know this. We also know that multi-unit restaurant brands leveraging these trends are seeing great results. So, I was […]. Amazing results in Denver! So I want to take a minute […]. Why food delivery has blown up in and how it impacts restaurant operators. This massive growth of 3rd party delivery and marketplaces in recent years is very interesting to me — especially the idea of technology companies using their own technology to provide services and create marketplaces for food delivery, which […].

This is a very exciting time for the foodservice industry because the nature of foodservice operations is quickly changing. As our industry continues to advance with technology, many foodservice operators are transitioning to cloud based platforms and automation to manage their operations. In this new marketplace, foodservice operators need to consider changes in their operating […].

Get Catering and Grow Sales! – The Book |

We now have the numbers, the interviews and the expert analysis — all the fresh data operators need to strategize, invest, and move forward into the wild restaurant off-premise future. Hi everyone, It was a pleasure being hosted by Jeff Kingman of Camacho USA to talk considerations for designing off-premise catering spaces. Jeff and I had a great conversation!

Amongst other things, I touch on what Foodservice Operators must know as they venture into the world of off-premise, and share some concerns I have for […]. MonkeyMedia Software teams up with Level Up to drive digital ordering for restaurants. Level up broadcast is a fantastic marketplace to help drive more off-premise orders to your restaurants. I am grateful for the hard work my team is. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Erle Dardick. Get Catering and Grow Sales! Kindle Edition.

Five steps to creating a successful catering platform

Audible Audiobook. More Information. Anything else? Simply re-engineer the workflow of your current team members to take on some catering-related tasks on each shift. In addition, consider that menu engineering can have a serious impact on creating more capacity for catering sales. You don't have to offer every item on your restaurant's menu. Catering can be a subset of products and a very specific experience.

Engineer a catering menu that takes pressure of your kitchen. Depending on which dayparts for catering you are focused on, your production start and stop times will ramp up and down just before your retail business traffic hits your restaurants. For example, if implemented successfully, your lunch catering orders will already be in transit to your customers by the time the in-store lunch rush begins. This synergy will create more overall efficiency in your entire restaurant operation and will make better use of your assets. Ultimately, if you can engineer this dynamic properly, you will fundamentally shift the economics of your restaurants.

Passionate about Catering in Multi-Unit Restaurant Operations

In addition to production start and stop times, the preparation process for receiving, inputting and preparing catering orders is something that is critical to appreciate. As an example, your catering captains on each shift at your restaurants should begin preparing for catering orders the night before they are scheduled for delivery or pick up. As such, you will get a jump on tomorrow's orders long before your kitchen closes for the day.

This makes the next day's catering orders easier to execute as you prepare tomorrow's raw materials for assembly and cooking. Meanwhile, shelf-stable items such as chips, beverages and paper service should be gathered and prepared by the closing shift, thereby making better use of downtime during slow nights at the restaurant. If it's a busy night, experience tells me that the work still gets done and the numbers look even better.

People tend to work to the speed at which business is coming in the door! You just have to teach them how. During my time at Tony's Deli, we had a single catering supervisor for each shift at the restaurant whose sole responsibility was to fold boxes, organize labels, prepare beverages and paper service for the next day's catering orders. In addition, they also helped with the store's closing procedures and cleaning that allowed us to operate our entire business far more efficiently.

This kind of workflow dynamic makes better use of your existing resources that might otherwise sit idle between day parts, and is another critical part of the efficiency equation!

If you have planned and executed well, on the day of catering production and distribution, your kitchen team's energy should go into the assembly and packaging step to fill orders and not all the tasks that should have been pre-prepped earlier in the process when time was not as critical.

There is more to discuss here. However, I have learned that we can design and implement a more thoughtful workflow in our kitchens when it comes to executing restaurant-catering orders. Are social media breaks the new smoke breaks? Chef Chatter: A guide to captivating Gen Z. Fast casual LTOs hitting the sweet spot. Winter LTOs bring on the heat. QSR, fast casual menuboards study reveals big areas for improvement. Shake Shack testing delivery in South Korea. World's largest Starbucks opening in the Windy City in November. You can sign into this site using your login credentials from any of these Networld Media Group sites:.